Monday, September 17, 2012


It's official we'll be having a Christmas Open House at Bird's Nest Crafts & Gifts on Nov. 26 through Dec. 1...that whole week.... open 9-5 every day.  Can you help us spread the word?  Thanks!  Cindy Bontrager said she would bring some items and you all know the great work she does.  In fact her word/pictures are a great gift for the young family ...everyone loves them when they come in the shop, you can't go wrong :)  We'll have other local artists items there too, like handy towels, home-made soaps and baskets, the list goes on.  I'll have some smaller stone feeders too, which always sell fast.  People that love to feed the birds will like them, as they should last a lot longer outside than a normal wooden one.  So if you need gift ideas for anyone, I think you'll find it here!  Well, gotta get to work on all this....see you in November!

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