Thursday, May 19, 2016


I always get excited in the spring to go to a good auction, but by the time it's over, I'm exhausted!  The fun part is unloading the truck and seeing what "treasures" are in the box you picked up for $2.00. The hard part is "lugging" everything to the truck to bring it home.  :)  Last night I hired a young man to help....that was great!  But I didn't get the one item I really wanted...double wash tubs.      

Just wanted to post a few pictures of a few of the new items.  You'll have to come visit the shop to see it all.  It's really full right now, and the glass birdfeeders are selling well.  If you're like us you're enjoying watching all the birds arriving in your backyard.  I've heard the orioles are back in force, and we had our first humming bird this week.  Grandma has enjoyed watching the birdbath...we have one robin especially that just loves it!  I was closed today,  (Thursday), but kept opening up for people that stopped in...and so far it was my busiest day this year.  I told a neighbor "Maybe I should be closed everyday...! I seem to be busier than when I'm open."  Don't take me wrong...I enjoyed it, visiting with friends is fun any day.