Friday, January 27, 2012


This church will be for sale when I open the shop up again in the spring. I attended a sale last Saturday, and this is one of the items I was able to buy.  Isn't it the neatest?!  It's from back in the 40's/50's, and it's all there, the light works and it has a music box that plays "Silent Night".   I was so excited, my husband could tell...he laughed and said, "The buy of the day"!  I agreed.      On a personal note, last evening, while sitting at the table working on taxes, the silence was interrupted by a loud reverberating noise and the house seemed to be ready to collapse around me.  I've never heard or felt anything like it before.  They still don't know what it was other than perhaps thunder (it was foggy all around us at the time), or a sonic boom.  After I realized the house was ok, and I was ok, I started thinking about "things".  Will it be like that when the Lord returns...just something sudden, out of the blue?  Will I be prepared?  I sure wasn't prepared for this "boom", it really startled me.  We are to be watching and ready for the Lord's return, it will happen ... how "startled" will I be? 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stoning Again

I'm finally back stoning birdhouses after the holidays, sitting in my sunny kitchen with music on the radio, thinking about my friends and praying for certain situations.  It was a good day, and I actually got 5 birdhouses stoned.  I'll be glad for that next summer when I'm busy with the shop and don't really have time to stone.  Hopefully I can get ahead this winter and next summer won't be so stressed.