Wednesday, August 29, 2012


These little pumpkins kept popping up all over the house last night .... don't they look cute in the plants ?  I made them out of felt, and found that I could hang them from one of my row marker hangers.  They could be put outdoors in the garden, along the walk, in the planters, etc. (I don't think I would let them out in the rain, since they are stuffed and are made of felt.)  I'll come up with some more fall decor too, and the first room you come into, in the shop, will soon be the "fall" room ... come on out for some decorating ideas. See you soon...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Here's a neat spindle bed for sale at the shop.  It has a broken spindle that could easily be glued, and needs the rails, but I could see it dressing up a little girls room, or a guest room would look great with this in it.  Also, today some friends brought me a bunch of goodies...couldn't believe it when they opened up their trunk ...they had crock pots, wooden spoons, old vet meds, washboard, etc.   I can't wait to clean them up and display them.  I'll be posting pictures soon.  The shop will be closed this saturday because of a conflict in my come on out Friday, or I'll see you next week.  Isn't this beautiful weather God is giving us??  I just love it. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Dancing in the rain


"Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain", and believe me, we were dancing in the rain the last couple of weeks, so happy to see the grass turn from yellow to green again....(Of course that means needing to mow again) but the crops needed the rain so much.  I think the quote is more about life, than actual rain, and I want to add that with Christ with us, it's a whole lot easier to "dance" through the storms.  An older lady once shared in church that she isn't thanking God FOR her cancer, but is thanking God "through the cancer". Loved the thought, and have tried to incorporate it into my life....I don't have to thank God for everything I go through, but I can thank Him while going through these times.  The last two weeks were a bit "trying" as my husband was very busy with his business, and I was trying to help, but not always that "helpful" :) So I tried to stay busy with Bird's Nest, and re-arranged outside, plus have a few new items inside. You'll notice the horse has been joined by another animal in the shop, a fake cat that looks so real!...I've posted pictures on facebook, you can see them there, or here are a few pictures......