Stone Birdhouses

The birdhouses I make are built to be used outdoors or inside. They are built from wood, painted with two coats of outdoor paint, then stoned. When dry the stones are coated with two coats of sealer, then the birdhouse is shingled. If used outside, we suggest you bring them in for the winter as the freezing and thawing may cause the stones to “pop” loose. There are four screws in the bottom of each for convenient clean-out.

Many people use them inside to decorate their homes. They make beautiful accent pieces. Happy decorating!

Miniature Birdhouse $9.50
Miniature Lighthouse $14.95
Medium Lighthouse $42.95
Miniature Schoolhouse $14.95
Large Schoolhouse $74.95
Miniature Outhouse $12.95
Miniature Chapel $14.95
Small chapel $29.95
Medium Chapel $42.95
Large Chapel $74.95
Bluebird House $49.95 (1 1/2" hole)
Small Barn $29.95
Medium Barn $42.95
Large Barn Birdfeeder $52.95
Small Wren House $29.95
Medium Wren House $42.95
Small Chalet $29.95
Medium Chalet $42.95
Feedmill Birdfeeder $52.95
Planter/Birdhouse $54.95
(plant not included)