Thursday, June 28, 2012


Yesterday I was busy making monkeys again...they are the cutest little guys!  Today we cleaned the shop, and the house, then it's back to stoning birdhouses tomorrow.  My grandniece spent the day with me today, and we had the best time, thanks for coming, Jenarae! I'm planning to attend a reunion on Saturday afternoon, so will be closing at noon on the 30th.  If you were planning to shop, I hope you can come in the morning...see you then.  Maybe we will even have some rain and cooler rain by then?  My sister told me she has asked the Lord for rain so often, that she doesn't know how to pray for it anymore.  So the next day, when the rain didn't come, but went around us, I asked her how she prayed THAT day, and she said simply, "thy will be done, Lord" :) Our lives are in His hands.                 Galen heard a good one yesterday, a fellow told him that he has noticed over the years, that at the tail end of a long dry spell it seems like it always rains!  :)  How funny :) 

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