Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I LOVE A GOOD AUCTION!  These two old wicker chairs were part of the "find" on Saturday in Ligonier.  I also got a bunch of small tables, old ironing board, one of the "first ever" crock pots!, wait till you see it.  Also, a youth spindle bed, quilt, comforter, white chenille spread, Baby doll bed with a drawer underneath.  A wicker baby basket, and a few little dolls.  What was really great was.. my husband stopped in and carried everything to the truck for me ..... he had it packed "to the gills" when I got in to come home.  I was so thankful, and TIRED.  The next morning I realized why I was so tired ... I had caught a cold!!  Today I am better and thankful for it (I'm sure Galen is too :)

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