Saturday, March 19, 2016


It's been almost a year since my last blog, and so much has happened in that time.....I didn't open last year so that I would have time to help my parents, and mother-in-law, and I'm so glad I took that time to be with them.   Since that time my father passed away the end of Sept., (miss him.) and mother-in-law moved into a small apt. in our home. So, maybe I'm crazy, but I'm getting excited about opening the shop again this summer.  I missed it.  I've been going to garage sales and auctions again and really enjoying it.  I told my husband I think this will help me keep my sanity, and his comment was, "or drive you insane." :)  It will be good to see all my friends again.  We are having a big garage/barn/porch sale on April 6, which is a Wed. (the same day that F. D. Miller feed mill has their Ladies Day), and there will be a lot of other garage sales in the same area.  I'll be getting rid of the old and making room for new things.  I like to buy things that others can fix up and be creative with, and you should be able to find quite a few bargains.  I have a lot of great decorating ideas for the shop that I picked up on a long week-end antiquing in several shops between here and Bloomington, IL, and look forward to building new displays.  Just bought a hammer at the latest auction and it will be put to good use! So, come one, come all on April 6.....(The Bird's Nest Shop will be open that day too), and then plan to  open the Shop with my regular hours the first week of May....May 3 to be exact....(2 days after our 45th anniversary...what a way to celebrate.) :)  See you all later...........

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