Friday, November 28, 2014


A few vendors needed to bring their items earlier, so we'll have the Open House start on Saturday....I'm also open today (Friday), if anyone is out and about....but sorry, no refreshments or specials until tomorrow.  The gift card/money holders are going well....I'll have to sew up a few over the week-end.  Hope to see you all next week! 

 Christmas Apron, along with many other aprons...some new work aprons, and Plus sizes available at the open house.
Beautiful pieced wall hanging made by my husbands cousin.  Be sure to check it out!

Catnip mice, your cat will LOVE it.  Made some special red and green ones for your christmas stockings.  They are made with catnip collected and dried locally.

Be sure to check out these washclothes...they have the scratcher right in the searching for the scratcher while washing dishes, or searching for your cloth when finished's all in your hand!
I love them!

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