Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas......

The Christmas Open House is creeping up faster than I thought...am I going to be ready?  My sister and my friend came on two different days and helped me finish some handmade items; what a boost!  Today I was working alone, and didn't seem to get anything done.  Galen helped me clean house and move furniture around, and I have three vendors coming tomorrow with their things to sell, so I need to put up tables for them yet tonight.  They make handy towels, scrubbies, home-made soap (that my daughter just loves) and handmade baskets.  So if you need any christmas gifts, I'm sure you can find a unique and "good smelling" one here Nov. 25-Dec. 3, 2011, closed on Sunday.  There will be a bake sale too, tonight I made the first batch of peanut brittle (which my brother-in-laws all beg me to make every year....they say it's the best ever.  I guess you'll have to come taste it and see :) 

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